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We are seeking Corporate Sponsors to provide scholarships to individuals in need within our community. Your purchase of 100 Gift Certificates (90 Minute Massage, $45 per massage) will provide a scholarship to one individual of need, and you will have 100 Gift Certificates to provide for your Staff Wellness Program and / or as “Thank You” gifts to your customers and clients.


Since 2013, we have trained students of need on credit with low monthly payment plans. Most were primarily single mothers or those seeking a different career or a supplemental career path. While this is an incredible system to implement, it is challenging to cover rent, pay salaries, and maintain positive cash-flow when students train on credit and repay fees at a nominal amount each month.

If we are able to provide scholarships for  students to attend our school, not only would we be more stable as an organization, we would better equipped to reach students of the greatest need.

Additionally, they will have the opportunity to work on 100 supportive clients at our student clinic, ideally creating their own client list in the process. A win-win for supporter, client, student, and school.

For every student sponsored in America - either via corporate sponsorships or individual contributions - each sponsored student will provide pro bono massage therapy services within our student clinic to those same supporters. This is a way to foster a sense of pride and contribution, rather than dependency or another hand-out; it provides value for the exchange of support.

A purchase of 100 Gift Certificates = 1 Scholarship to 1 American of need

Additionally: If you are aware of an individual of need within our community that would benefit from our massage therapy training, you can select that individual to receive your scholarship and your support.

Payment plans are available: $1500 down with $500 per month for 6 months. Or contact our Director and let's explore what may work best for you.

If you or your organization would be willing to sponsor 1 American student of need for $4,500, you will be provided 100 Gift Certificates for 90 minute massage therapy services from that same student.

Your support results in:

  • The provision of training, job placement assistance, and HOPE to an American of need

  • 100 Gift Certificates for massage therapy services at our student clinic for you and your organizational team

Together, we are Giving Touch...

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